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Through a unique, devised theater model, professional teaching artists in the Young Artivists program guide students through a collaborative process to create, rehearse, and perform an original show that highlights their collective voices around a theme rooted in social activism. In this program, students explore social justice topics that matter to them, learn about untold stories that reflect the experiences of young people, choose a theme as a focus, and study the history of that theme. Students receive rigorous artistic instruction in vocal, dance, and acting training in an ensemble environment, emerging not only as artists with tangible skills but as confident leaders.


YA aligns with the National Core Arts Standards as follows:

CREATING: Students learn storytelling, idea mapping, and improvisation of lived experiences. Teaching artists use prompts (photos, literature, lyrics) toward research and discussions to help students build the story. Students break into working teams: Acting, Music, and Dance.

PERFORMING: Teams connect weekly to share their work, receive feedback, revise, and rehearse scenes. Students’ ideas are further explored through ensemble reflection.

RESPONDING: Students explore art by watching recordings, listening to audio, and attending live performances and guest workshops hosted by artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.

CONNECTING: Teaching artists assist students in creating a digital portfolio. Students participate in post-discussions to reflect on the process and its application to their future.

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